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5 thoughts on “Quote on Love by ShreeShreeRavishankar

  1. rashmi baghel on said:

    isliye to pyar hai

  2. Nitish on said:

    🙂 Love arises (or exists)only when there is complete acceptance of oneself, others, and world. How incompleteness of anything will arise Love and compassion to infinite level?? 🙂

  3. Nitish on said:

    for e.g. Kabir man nirmal bhaya(complete purity of mind) jaise gaanga nir, tab panche fire hari kahet Kabir kabir….There is complete purity of Mind, so Love arises to Infinite level

    • Nothing is complete….the whole existence.. including ourselves.
      Something is complete means that has stop improving, progressing and there are no more possibilities…
      Kabirji understands this clearly with awareness (awareness is a continuous phenomenon)…he says all misunderstandings has gone away, what has remained is purity (clarity of mind regarding existence ) a pure flow which is continuous and as pure as water of the Ganges.
      Its so simple and only with simplicity we understand this…simplicity is of mind love is simple our brain creates illusions and ambiguities…
      Hope this helps! Love and accept all

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