कबीरजी का दोहा

Kabirji's Doha

Kabirji's Doha meaning in Marathi and English

The word ‘Jambudvipa’ used in this doha or couplet is an ancient name for Indian subcontinent.

जम्बुद्वीप = भारतीय द्वीप के लिए पुरातन नाम


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2 thoughts on “कबीरजी का दोहा

  1. Kabira on said:

    So Simlpe But Very True !!!
    Your work is really very much appriciatable !!!!
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Pius on said:

    This is eternal and spiritual explanation of Kabirsaheb.
    He is saying I visited all eternal oceans and keep my back in jambudveep but this is the only truth that if you will not leave your sleep and remember the god 24/7 you will not be able to meet god. That means do not sleep and just remember god name for 24/7.
    Actually jambudveep is one of the place in eternal (suxam lok). In Jain scriptures also explain about jambudveep.

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