Kabirji neither worn a saffron attires, nor did he ever abandon worldly life; instead he criticizes contemporary monks (sadhus) for running away from the worldly life. He sets his own example by living simple and easy life as a trader of clothes (being a waiver). And at the same time he lets his spirituality blossoms at fullest spreading the fragrance of love.

Kabirji remains mystic on his beliefs on God. But he do expresses his love towards his ‘nirgun nirankara’ (a formless and virtue-less creator who is omnipresent). He strongly advocates a guidance of ‘sad-guru’ (a spiritual master) for reaching him.

Kabir’s Birth

Due to the lack of proper evidences, most of the available information on Kabirji’s worldly life is full of contradictions and we see less common agreements within scholars on the facts related to Kabirji’s life.

Kabirji was born in a village called Kashinagar in northern India. A mythical story says, Kabirji was found as an infant by a riverside to a childless Muslim couple Neeru (नीरू ) and Neema (निमा), who were waivers by profession. As per the stories this child was named Kabir and brought up by this Julaha (Muslim-waiver by cast) family, a lower cast family, according to the contemporary cast system of Indian society.

Kabirji’s Married Life

It is normally accepted that Kabirji’s wife name was Loee (लोई), Although there are no historical evidences available there is a common agreements on this, he had two kids from her a son called Kamaal (कमाल) and a daughter called Kamali (कमली).

Kabirji about Guru (Master)

Kabirji strongly believed in the ‘sadguru’ (spiritual master). Kabir advocates a spiritual journey in the guidance of a Guru and unconditional surrender towards guru.

Kabirji remains mystical in this case too; we don’t find any references to his actual Guru in his couplets or dohas. And he had never mentioned his guru’s name anywhere in his couplets (dohas). Although there are mythological stories which indicate he accepted swami Ramanand as his Guru.

But there are no historical evidences for this also; in fact it seems Swami Ramananda was not a contemporary to Kabirji

Kabirji’s Writings/Poetry

His writings include Bijak, Sakhi Granth, Kabir Granthawali and Anurag Sagar

Rebellious Kabir

जे तू बाभना बाभनी जाया 
तो औन बाट व्ह़े क़ाहे ना आया ?
जे तू तुरक तुरकनी जाया
तो  भीतरी खतना क्यों न कराया ? 

Kabir’s rebel seems very natural. Kabir never believed in any organized religion, or a sect. Whatever his mind doesn’t accept Kabirji simply rebels and particularly if it is not in the interest of common people ….he criticizes beliefs, useless and bad customs, and does not hesitate to challenge established social and religious belief system.

Kabirji’s Beliefs

As Kabirji never believed in organized religion, but he believes in spirituality while he says it is a very profound deep routed experience which is and has to be personal. For this very reason Kabirji strongly criticizes use of organized religions as business!

Kabirji is completely free from any belief system or a belief in Worshipism, Dualism and Yoga Virtuelessness. We cannot limit him in a particular thinking pattern. He is a liberated poet who sings love and we cannot confine him to any sect just because the words like ‘Rama’, Allah and Hari are part of his poetry (dohas). The Rama in his poetry is different from that of the Hindus.

He is certainly a mysterious; Kabirji just gives indications what he is talking about whom he is talking about.

…Love clarifies everything!

Its never enough to write about such a Godly and fascinating saint. But more significance is to experience his love and compassion wisdom to live life…Let us experience it



Disclaimer (with humbleness)

I am an admirer of Kabir,

I am not a researcher on Kabir’s life or his philosophy or writings etc…I am a lover and admirer of Kabir, his Poems, his saintliness, his power of expressions and most importantly his simplicity.

I have been and am always in the process of understanding Kabir…its beautiful… and it happens to be spiritual by chance. Kabir is a treasure…who continuously invites you to love and to be loved. Even scholars have called him a ‘mystical’ and he is indeed. I feel you cannot express him in the words how he is…you just love his omnipresence in your innermost world.

Kabir talks more on Love…a spiritual love, simple straight forward, hammering on your beliefs, shaking and awakening you to the realities of life.

Lastly, with utter humbleness wish to express that, whatever facts and material presented here on this blog, are from various sources like internet and books on Kabir in my collection. I take up responsibility for mistakes and always try to updates and correct my mistakes if any. I truly appreciate suggestions to improve the material here and concerns if any from the scholars and serious readers of Kabir.

This blog is just to express my gratitude and love towards Kabir, and share the same with likeminded people.

Be Happy spread love and kindness!


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