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“Sab Paisay Kay”-Kabir Bhajan By Bharatratna Bhimsen Joshi


Kabir Bhajan sung by Bharatratna Bhimsen Joshi


Urdu shayari ‘Atit’ making her remember and understand the lover waits forever!

In this shayari this lover is humbly asking his ‘bewafa’ belover to put a little bit of ‘sindur’ on his name for which he would forgive her all………..provided she does that once for him…and reminding her that he will be always waiting for her!

Welcome to Anhad!Kabira

Hi all

Welcome to Anhad!Kabir

This a blog where I intend to pulbish my collection on the great mystic saint Kabir his poetry, life and his mysticism.

Apart from this I wish to give some space to my own expression through my Marathi and Hindi-Urdu poetry. Other issues I may feel to write upon which will be categorized properly for the convenient of all the readers.

Kindly note this blog will be regularly updated on every Sunday!

Hope you will enjoy visiting and reading my blog.


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